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Deploy independently.

Developers can also use the source code for independent deployment in the local docker environment.Just follow the steps below.

  1. Make sure that the docker environment is properly installed locally and that the docker-compose/git is available.
  2. Check out the project source
  3. Run the docker-compose build command in the src/Newbe.Claptrap.Ticketing folder to complete project compilation.
  4. Run the docker-compose up-d in the src/Newbe.Claptrap.Ticketing/Docker/LocalClusterSQLite folder to start all services.
  5. Access the http://localhost:10080 to open the Ui.

To sum up, the script is as follows:

git clone
cd Newbe.Claptrap.Examples/src/Newbe.Claptrap.Ticketing
docker-compose build
cd Docker/LocalClusterSQLite
docker-compose up -d

The above steps are a way to run SQLite as a database, and the code base contains several other deployment modes that require only up.cmd in different folders to:

LocalClusterMongodbMongoDb multi-node load balancing version.
LocalClusterSQLiteSQLite single-node version.
TencentThe version deployed in the Online Experience.
  • If you are currently Chinese mainland and are experiencing slow download of the netcore image, try usingdocker-mcr
  • Developer can also choosePWDto deploy for testing
  • Switch between different deployment modes to take note of running docker-compose down first to close previous deployment
  • Web ports may vary from deployment pattern to deployment mode, depending on the settings in docker-compose.yml.