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开发者也可以使用源码在本地的 docker 环境进行独立部署。只需要按照以下的步骤进行操作即可。

  1. Make sure that the docker environment is properly installed locally and that the docker-compose/git is available.
  2. Check out the project source
  3. Run the docker-compose build command in the src/Newbe.Claptrap.Ticketing folder to complete project compilation.
  4. Run the docker-compose up-d in the src/Newbe.Claptrap.Ticketing/Docker/LocalClusterSQLite folder to start all services.
  5. Access the http://localhost:10080 to open the interface.


Git clone
cd Newbe.Claptrap.examples/src/newbe.Claptrap.ticketing
docker-compose build
cd Docker/LocalClusterSQLite
docker-compose up -d.

以上步骤是运行以 SQLite 为数据库的方法,代码库中还包含了其他若干种部署模式,只需要分别运行不同文件夹中的 up.cmd 即可:

LocalClusterMongodbMongoDb 多节点负载均衡版本
LocalClusterSQLiteSQLite 单节点版本
  • If you are currently Chinese mainland and are experiencing slow download of the netcore image, try usingdocker-mcr
  • Developers can also choose to deploy the testthe PWD.
  • Switch between different deployment modes, be careful to run docker-compose down first to close the last deployment.
  • Web ports may vary from deployment pattern to deployment mode, depending on the settings in docker-compose.yml.